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The name ‘Akruti’ is of Sanskrit origin and means “An image – a beautiful form – which outshines every other outline of every creation on this earth whether living or non living.” Such an image is only possible when we are healthy inside out i.e. mentally as well as physically….

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Homoeopathy is based on the principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curantur’ which means ‘Like cures like’. Homoeopathy is an art and science...


Mitahara is a Sanskrit combination word, from Mita (मित, moderate)and Ahara (आहार, taking food, diet),which together mean moderate diet...


Wellness is much more than just the abscence of illness; it is practicing healthy habits on a regular basis to attain better physical and mental...

Women's Health

A woman goes through so many different roles and stages in her life. Taking care of your mental health can help you keep your physical self...


According to the American Counselling Association, counselling is defined as, “a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals..

Child Care

‘Every child is unique’ - You must have heard this phrase quite often. Every child has his/her unique personality , fears, dreams and perception...

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Homoeopath | Certified Emotion Releasing Process (ERP) Therapist | Graphotherapist | Certified Emotional Intelligence coach | Certified Diabetes Educator 

Dr. Kruti Trivedi Abhyankar is the founder of Akruti Healthcare.

She has completed her Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S) in 2012 from Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College (CMPHMC) in Mumbai, she is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach from Equipoise Learning PVT LTD and a Certified Diabetes Educator from American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Dr. Kruti believes in continuous learning and upgrading herself. Patient centric holistic approach of treatment and passion towards Homoeopathy as well as Mental Health has inspired her to have a one stop Holistic Health-care like ‘Akruti’.

Her vision is to make people aware about healing power of their own minds and lead a healthy, balanced and happier life.

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Trying to fix health from outside is a very effortful process. If you keep access to the innermost core, health will be a natural phenomenon.

- Sadhguru

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I had consulted Dr.Kruti Trivedi for Hyperacidity in January 2020. I was having nausea and vomiting due to acidity almost every day. She started with Homoeopathic treatment and also told me to consult Nutritionist to improve my food habits. In 3 months of regular diet and Homeopathic treatment, I got completely better and now I am off medicines. I m maintaining my life style and that is helping me to maintain my overall health.
After starting her treatment, I started sleeping well, nausea, vomiting stopped, my motions became quite regular and I was feeling mentally very calm and energetic. Thank you team Akruti.

- 30 years old Home Maker

I was going through tough times emotionally Since i had a demise of a near one in my family.
Concentrating on basic activities was difficult due to a continuous emotional outrage.
The ERP therapy that we did helped me control my emotional outrage. I started feeling comfortable.
I am glad that I consulted Dr.Kruti Trivedi at the correct time and received her support during these difficult times. Thank u so much. You are a very promising doctor and i wish u and Akruti Healthcare a very bright future.
Keep up the good work.

- 36 year old HR Professional

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