The name ‘Akruti’ is of Sanskrit origin and means “An image – a beautiful form – which outshines every other outline of every creation on this earth whether living or non living.” Such an image is only possible when we are healthy inside out i.e. mentally as well as physically. We tend to ignore our Mental Health and only concentrate on our Physical Health forgetting that both are interlinked. At ‘Akruti’, we treat the person in disease and the cure happens within outward.

In this fast paced world, where we need quick solutions for everything, a Digital Holistic Healthcare can be your aid in reaching your Health goals.

Akruti Healthcare is a brain child of Dr.Kruti Trivedi Abhyankar, who is a Homoeopath, Certified Emotional Intelligence coach, ERP therapist and Certified Diabetes Educator.

She had started her practice as a Consultant Homoeopath in Mumbai in 2011 and started her Digital practice in 2016. As years went by, she realized the importance of other Holistic modalities too. ‘If a patient gets all the Holistic Care modalities at one stop and at their finger tips, it will help people immensely’. Based on this thought and passion to heal people physically as well as mentally, ‘Akruti Healthcare’ took birth and she started approaching experts in various fields of Holistic Care and built a team.

Our team of doctors and professionals share the same Vision to make people aware about healing power of their own minds and lead a healthy, balanced and happier life.

‘Akruti Healthcare’ is a Digital Holistic Care Polyclinic where a Digital space is shared by different experts so that people have one stop access to all kinds of Holistic care at their finger tips.

Our Team:

Dr. Kruti Trivedi Abhyankar

Dr. Shweta Dhulekar

Dr. Sneha I. Thakkar

Dr. Priyanka Sanghvi

Dr. Suresh Kutty

Mrs. Smruti Mehta

Mrs. Utsavi Patel

Mrs. Prutha Bhatt

Mr. Arvind Khinvesra