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• Public Speaking & Presentation skills Expert

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Mr. Arvind Khinvesra is founder of Achieve ThySelf (January 2015). He has done Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Instrumentation and later M.B.A. in Marketing/Marketing Management, General from Mumbai, India

He helps executives gain self awareness and achieve their development objectives.

WHAT HE DOES: I help executives and entrepreneurs achieve growth WITHOUT feeling shackled and USING means they are comfortable with.
HOW HE DOES: I support you clarify your goals, identify your limiting beliefs and barriers, redefine your outlook and generate options to create an action plan that you can execute with confidence and conviction
WHY IT WORKS: Executives and entrepreneurs have a lot atstake. The cost of FAILURE is high which at times leads to fear andat times in action. They also need to learn new skills to stay at the top. Coaching ENABLES introspection, unveils blind spots, and bring about a behavioral change leading to high impact on results.


‍1 on 1 coaching, Group Coaching
Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Coaching – from story boarding to delivery
Open workshops for leadership skills

Author of:

“11 Secrets to Effective Speaking”


He has personally helped the following types of business owners,
consultants, and professionals grow, including:

Senior Executives (“C” Level)
Family Managed business owners



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