Meet Dr. Suresh Kutty

• Counselor

• Brain Stimulation Master

• NLP Practitioner

• Pranic Healer

• Integrated Clinical & Gestalt Therapist

• Sound & Frequency Healing

Dr Suresh Kutty, an Electrical Engineer with various qualifications in Management has a rich experience of 29 years in corporate multinationals. He  moved to humanitarian services 10 years ago to serve for a cause. Focus on relationships and health was the prime concern in the present scenario. Started with childrens’ program and then on the request of parents moved to explore de-stress methods through Sound Healing Therapy. Has counselled more than 8k children and parents. Has personally given therapy to over 3k people for all major stress related issues. Has  successfully treated Covid-19 patients (65 people of all ages as of date) and resolved 142 divorce cases till now through healing. Its *NO Drug No touch therapy*. Dr Suresh Kutty is committed to a high degree of social obligation by saving family values.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr.Suresh Kutty Sir, who assured me with confidence and was great morale support during my admission at the Hospital for my 2 major surgeries, which was 1st time in my entire life and I was absolutely worried, scared and nervous. Sir’s Divine energy worked wonders during my hospitalisation and post surgery, as I recovered faster without much strain and pain. I thank Sir from the bottom of my heart for his instant healing and divine energy.

Dr. G.Rameshkumar

- Chief Business Officer, with one of the leading NBFCs in India & Recipient of Karmaveer Chakra Award 2019

I am healing well.
Little pain and discomfort. The pathology report is negative for malignancy. The surgeon removed all the cancer cells. So I can say my body is free of cancer
: I have no words to appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your continuous healing. Warm regards.

- Mrs. Manisha USA



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