The therapeutic approach of Homoeopathy in COVID-19

The therapeutic approach of Homoeopathy in COVID-19

10th April is celebrated as World Homoeopathy Day and the following week as Homoeopathy Awareness week. This day is celebrated in honour and on the birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – A German physician and founder of Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy, as you know, is based on the fundamental principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curantur’ which is called ‘Law of similars’ and it means – ‘Like cures like’. This principle was also used by Hippocrates in treating patients. This principle states that any substance which is capable of producing a set of symptoms in healthy individuals will cure the same set of symptoms in diseased individuals. There are also other important principles like individualization, minimum dose, single remedy, dilution and potentization in Homoeopathy which were given by Dr. Hahnemann.

The world has been facing a COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year now. When all of us are still trying to know, struggle and fight COVID-19, in this pandemic also, the approach of Homoeopaths all over the world in treating COVID cases has been based on the principles stated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In India, many Homoeopathic Research Centres and Homoeopaths have been treating COVID patients with mild and moderate symptoms for more than a year. Patients who are admitted to the hospital and have severe infection still stay out of reach for Homoeopaths in most of the country. We know that COVID-19 is affecting different individual differently based on multiple factors such as age, co-morbid conditions, their immunity, etc. Homoeopaths are also treating all such cases differently based on their individual and unique symptoms.

Let us see, how do Homoeopaths tackle COVID cases?

  • Based on the principle of individuality, each patient is asked a detailed history of their signs and symptoms. They are asked details of the origin, duration and progress of every symptom with their aggravating and ameliorating modalities, some general symptoms like thirst, appetite, their energy level, any particular food cravings or aversions and their mental health-related symptoms. Patients who are not well aware of the history taking in Homoeopathy might feel a little weird but only through such an elaborate history, a Homoeopath can assess the perfect prescription for that individual.
  • Once the history is taken, Homoeopath prescribes the perfectly suitable remedy with the right dosage for that individual.
  • Follow up is taken based on the severity of symptoms and they are also informed to regularly monitor their vitals like pulse, Oxygen saturation and temperature as required.

  • If the patient is consulting digitally, he/she is asked to consult and get examined by the local doctor so that no clinical signs and symptoms are missed. A proper diagnosis and identifying severity of the infection with medical examination, pathological and radiological tests are of utmost importance.

Observations in COVID patients treated with Homoeopathy:

  • If treated with Homoeopathy as soon as signs & symptoms are observed, the recovery is much faster and there are fewer chances of the patient going into any complications.
  • The general well being and mental health of the patient are restored faster.
  • Even in post COVID weakness and other symptoms, Homoeopathic treatment speeds up the process of improvement.
  • Homoeopathic treatment with counselling and stress management for the family of infected person/s helps in maintaining mental health for the patient as well as the family which in turn helps them in recovering faster as a family.

Nevertheless, protocols we need to follow for the pandemic have to be followed as instructed by WHO. Social distancing, washing hands regularly, wearing masks, covering your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing, not touching your eyes, mouth or nose and staying home are very important in preventing and breaking the chain of infection.

Enlisting and answering a few common questions regarding the role of Homoeopathy in COVID you might have and I have been asked while treating COVID patients:

  • Can Homoeopathic treatment be taken along with the treatment given by modern medicine doctors?

Yes, you do not need to stop the ongoing treatment. You can take Homoeopathic medicines along with your other medicines.

  • Will Homoeopathic treatment have any side effects if taken with other treatment?

No, Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects.

  • Is there any age group for which Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed?

There is no age limit in taking Homoeopathic medicines.

  • Homoeopathy works slow so can Homoeopathy heal COVID patients that fast?

This is the most common myth about Homoeopathy. If a patient comes with a chronic problem of many years, it will take time in reversing the disease process but in acute conditions, a well-selected Homoeopathic medicine works very fast and that too without any side effects.

  • Is Homoeopathy safe for pregnant females or very young kids affected with COVID?

Yes, Homoeopathic medicines can be taken safely during pregnancy without any adverse effects on the foetus. It is also safe for kids as mentioned above.

Hope this article was useful and brings awareness regarding the role of Homoeopathy in this pandemic.

Stay home! Stay Safe!

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